Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Signs The World is Coming To An End: Pedo Teacher Sends Naked Pics To Students On FB!

What in the name of Sam Hill? These teachers have lost their ever loving minds! The latest is this crazy looking teacher. She no longer teaches for obvious reasons, but she reportedly had sex with four of her former students and sent them makes images on Facebook – WTH? YEAH. These kids were looking to get additional help in math and she was looking to get help getting off! The 41-year-old LaShawn Simmons (no relation to Russ) is finished, but not because she had an orgasm. She’s finished because she is now slapped with charges: sexual assault of a child, the discovery of child pornography, two counts of improper relationship between an educator and a student, and online solicitation of a minor. FINISH HER!
Here is some of the report from a local new station:

One of the alleged victims spoke to KHOU, saying that she sent him pictures of her ‘private parts’ years ago when he was still in middle school.
‘Some stuff happened around the 8th grade. She sent me a couple of text messages, that was about it,’ the boy said.
‘Like wow, what kind of person would send me this? An adult, and I’m a child.’
Police found some naked pictures of her alleged victims- though not necessarily the boy that was interviewed- on her phone.
Though an after school tutoring session took place in her classroom, the allegedly had sex in her apartment.
The investigation took two months to finalize after the concerned parent discovered the explicit Facebook messages in December.

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