Friday, 22 June 2012

The 10 Principles Every Dad Needs to Know

In Slayton's Book , Be a Better Dad Today, The Author talks about the Importance of fatherhood. "Even if you are the President of your Country or the CEO of the Largest Company in the world - that job is going to end.
"The beauty thing of fatherhood is that it not only does not come to an end, but it actually grows and multiplies," he said.

Slayton shares in his book the following 10 principles he believes every dad needs to know:

- Family comes first.

- Cultivate a committed marriage.

- A high moral standard is the greatest inheritance you can leave your children.

- Show your kids how much you love them.

- Display servant leadership.

- Be a good listener.

- Know your need for your heavenly Father.

- Find support in good role models.

- Never quit on your family.

- Support your family in every area: not just financially but also emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

"I am not sure if there is one silver bullet," Slayton admitted. "Fathers today is a challenging role. But dads today are called on to love, tenderness."

Slayton said even if you made mistakes in the past, it's never too late to start being the best dad you can be.

"It is never too late, never too late," he said. "I want everybody to hear that. Even if you have been strained in the relationship from your kids for many years, you can get back in the fatherhood game and be a positive influence."

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