Friday, 15 June 2012

Jokes of the Day

Jokes 1

New way to cross roads in
Nigeria: Look left, right, left again
and then look up cos a plane
might just be coming down on
you,n look down too cos u might
be stepping on a bomb

Joke 2

A man is dying of cancer,
but keeps telling people he is dying of AIDS.
His son asked Dad why?
He answered, so that when I am dead, no one will sleep with your mum.

Joke 3

A man was dying slowly of an unknown illness on his sick bed.
His wife sat at the edge of his bed comforting him to take heart and that he may be well soon.
The man looked up and said weakly, "Sweet love, you have always been there for me even when I sin against you... I have something I must confess", but his wife was quick to say that: "There's no need to confess".
"No, no!" he insisted, "I want to die a peaceful death so I must confess... I slept with your mother, sister, and your best friend!"
His wife replied: "Shhhh!!! I know, I know dearie, but please relax. Remember the doctor said you shouldn't talk too much...So now just rest and let the poison work in your system.

Joke 4

I today witnessed a lady whose bag was snatched by a guy on okada and she was first shocked but later started laughing, when asked she said it was her baby bag that was snatched containing loads of pampers covered with poo, she was looking for where to throw it. I guess the robbers helped out. I would have loved to see their faces when sharing the loot hahahaha

Joke 5

All these girls for BB self, na everything una dey update? Saloon mood activated! shopping mood activated! Club mood activated!church mood activated swimming mood activated! flight mood activated! About to cross the road, got hit by okada and still update saying "dying thinz" WAF# When they get to shop rite they update! Shopping thingz! orisirisi update ! But when they are beaten by their boyfriends instead of saying beating mood or slapping mood what you see is angry mood no pings!

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