Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Shari’ah Court arraigned two sisters for beating up their father over a debt of N45, 000.00

Two sisters, Halisa Junaidu, 28, and Aina’u Junaidu, 26, of Tudun-Wada quarters, Katsina, were on Friday arraigned before a Shari’ah Court in the state for allegedly beating up their father, Malam Junaidu Tudun-Wada over a debt of N45, 000.00, which he owed them.

Halisa and Aina’u, who stood as second and third accused in the trial, were sued alongside their mother, Malama Umma Junaidu by Malam Junaidu for allegedly planning to kill him. The trio were charged for conspiracy, disgrace and use of power on Malam Junaidu Tudun-Wadu.

Junaidu told the court that his daughters, Halisa and Aina’u on the orders of their mother, Malama Umma Junaidu, used power on him as a result of which he sustained injuries on his laps.

“They dragged me out of toilet, and pulled me to the ground in an attempt to eject me from my house. Their mother ordered them to carry out the act in order to embarrass me. It was my son, Muddaha, who saved me from them. I want this court to order them to vacate my house because I am afraid of being killed. I had to vacate the house for some days for my safety because they threatened to kill me. I, therefore, pray the court to order them to leave my house because I cannot live with them in the same house anymore,” he told the court.

But, when the charges were read, the accused persons pleaded not guilty, saying, “we never threatened to kill him, but we demanded for our rights from him.”

Umma in her testimony told the court that she never ordered her daughters to beat or kill her husband, Malam Junaidu. She said Junaidu disowned the women, so they asked him to take them to their real father. She also alleged that Junaidu shared his property among his children, and excluded Halisa and Aina’u. Both Halisa and Aina’u denied beating up their father and also disputed the alleged plan to kill him.

Halisa, the second accused person told the court that her father, Malam Junaidu was owing her N20, 000, adding, “he once told me that he is not my father, so I want him to pay me my money and also tell me who my real father is.”

Aina’u, also denied beating her father, but said that she asked him to pay her the N25, 000, which he owed her. She added that she was ready to swear with the Qur’an that she did not beat him.
When the court asked Junaidu about the N45,000 debt, he said it was true, adding that Halisa offered him N20,000 while Aina’u gave him N25,000.

But when the judge, Alhaji Kabiru Hamisu Bello ordered Aina’u to swear by the holy Qur’an that she did not beat her father, she refused and pleaded for leniency. The judge has fixed July 4, 2012 for judgment

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