Tuesday, 3 July 2012

God's Wisdom Works

God's Wisdom Works

There is a time and Season for us to be glorified. Wisdom is the Greatest Instrument
to access your glorious destiny.

What Wisdom can do?

Wisdom in Life levels out all challenges "Job 28" When a wisdom act is put into activity,It turns things around.

Wisdom Creates Solution to life and make discovery cheap to Humanity

Wisdom can never be bought with Money

Wisdom has dominion over destruction and death and these are the greatest enemy of life

Types  of wisdom

1. Earthly or Natural Wisdom- This is the wisdom every human has, which is usually referred to as "Common Sense"

2. Devilish or Diabolic Wisdom

3. Heavenly/Divine Wisdom - This is the Superior Kind of Wisdom

Definition: Wisdom of God can be defined as the Applied Knowledge that you have got Luke 6:38
Matt 7:24.  Knowledge applied is Called Wisdom "Knowledge simply means  I know"

Wisdom is Supernatural Insight  Daniel 2:19, James 3:4

Divine Wisdom is a manifestation of the things of God

How do I access this Wisdom?

Isa 3:6, Prov 9:10

- How well do you fear God? The fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom Psalm 111:10

Therefore Wisdom is accessible Mentally by the fear of the Lord.

More Teachings on Wisdom, Visit any of the Branches of Living Faith Church Worldwide and Partake of the Blessings of this Month, Which is

God's Wisdom Work


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