Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Man responsible for Usher's stepson's accident identified as family friend

Investigation into the jet-ski accident, which injured Usher's stepson, has revealed that the person responsible for the accident is Usher's family friend.
Usher and his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, are going through a really hard time. Foster’s son, Kyle Glover, had a deadly jet-ski accident on Sunday. The jet-ski accident has left the 11-year-old kid brain dead and it is not clear whether he will be able to come back to his senses ever. The accident took place at Georgia's Lake Lanier. Initially, the identity of the person riding the jet-ski was being kept confidential, but now it has been revealed that the person who was driving the water-vehicle was Usher's family friend and his name is Jeffrey S. Hubbard. The initial investigation revealed that there was no alcohol involved and hence the entire episode was labeled as an accident. Despite this, investigating officers are saying that they are still going to look into the case and re-create the entire accident scene on 3D to find out how it really happened. After the completion of the investigation, Usher or Foster will decide about pressing charges against Hubbard.
“Basically, a pontoon was pulling two juveniles on an inner tube, and the watercraft ran over the top of them,” Sgt. Mike Burgamy with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources told The Sgt. also told that two of his rangers had witnessed the event and it was apparent that the whole thing was an accident.
Investigators are still baffled as to how the accident took place, as alcohol was not involved and there wasn't even any mechanical malfunction. Kyle Glover and an unidentified 15-year-old girl are both victims of the accident. Both were wearing life jackets. The girl was plucked from the lake, as she was floating face-down in the water, whereas Glover's face remained out of the water at all times. It was also learnt that Glover took the brunt of the force of the jet-ski and that is why his condition is worse than the girl's.
Usher is with his ex-wife at the hospital despite the bitter divorce between them. Both the mother and the stepfather are reported to be at the hospital along with other family members to stay by Glover's side.

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