Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dbanj:Wizkid call journalists fools for not getting their fact right-who twisted his tweet?

Nigeria’s rave of the musician, Wizkid is very bitter at the moment based on some reports that that he allegedly insulted Dbanj on his twitter page. Social networks went viral with a post that was supposedly from Wizkid.In the tweet,Wizkid allegedly asked when would Dbanj stops becoming doing Akpan (errand boy) for Kanye west and do like Psquare who have recorded a song and video with Rick Ross.

Yesterday while tweeting his defence, Wizkid said he would not have done such a thing because Dbanj is not just a friend but also a big brother in the entertainment industry.

Shortly after, he tweeted again, obviously calling journalists who carried the report fools. In the tweet wizkid wrote  “used to have a lot of respect for you guys, but you all just proved a bunch of fools. Run your sh*t! Get your facts right.

Sources hinted Gistmaster News that the feud between Dbanj and other members of the mohits is only assuming another dimension. Wizkid is only a scapegoat. “Someone is calling out mischiefs online and he is using the name of Wizkid to cause confusion between Dbanj and other artistes. Look closely, the tweet was a complete art work. Wizkid is not so daft that he would come out and say that in public.

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