Monday, 27 August 2012

Ex-security guard arrested over botched ATM theft

The police have arrested an ex-security guard believed to be involved in the botched theft of cash from an automatic teller machine (ATM) at a supermarket here last Wednesday.

Malacca Deputy CID chief Supt P.R. Gunarajan said Monday the 22-year-old man was detained at his house in Telok Mas here at 11.45 pm on Friday.

He said the man was arrested after he was caught on a closed-circuit camera television (CCTV) on the ground floor of the supermarket allegedly masquerading as a woman wearing a scarf.

"The man is also believed to have broken into a phone shop at the supermarket where he stole 10 mobile phones and SIM cards on the same day," he told reporters here.

He said the suspect was remanded for seven days to facilitate an investigation into the case.

The man allegedly failed to prise open a four-inch thick the ATM's safe deposit box at the supermarket between 11pm and 8pm.

Meanwhile, the police are looking for Khairul Nordin, 41, from Kampung Baru, Seremban to help in an investigation into the fatal stabbing of a man in Serkam Pantai here last Wednesday.

Gunarajan said Khairul, who was a driver with the Human Resource Ministry, did not return to his house in Dengkil after the incident and was believed to be in hiding.

In the incident 7.30 pm incident, welder Rashid Ahmad, 46, died from severe bleeding after he was stabbed on his left hip with a kitchen knife after he admonished his brother-in-law for beating his wife, who is also the victim's sister.

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