Saturday, 4 August 2012

Internet chats at center of murder trials

TRENTON, N.J., Aug. 4 (UPI) -- Internet chats planning the killing of a 20-year-old New Jersey man are expected to be used as evidence in the trials of four men charged in his death.

The prosecutor, Brian McCauley, expects to use the messages when four Sex Money Murder gang members go on trial, the Times of Trenton reported.

The chats, sent through MySpace, were ruled admissible last month by Judge Thomas Sumners.

Keith Williams, Karim Sampson, John Murphy and Brandon Edwards are accused of using the social networking site to plan the death of Arrell Bell, 20, in 2009 because they thought he was a snitch.

All four are charged with conspiracy to commit murder and retaliation against a witness.

Sampson's attorney, Frank Gleason, argued in court last year against allowing the messages to be used as evidence. He said it was impossible to prove someone other than his client had not logged into Sampson's account and sent the messages.

McCauley had argued that accepting Gleason's standards would not allow any computer-related crimes to be prosecuted short of someone witnessing the messages be sent.

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