Friday, 14 September 2012

Obama says Egypt is neither ally nor enemy of US

In an interview to Spanish-language television channel Telemundo, President Barack Obama said that the United States neither deems Egypt as enemy nor ally. The president said that how the Egyptian Islamist regime responds to certain issues, including attacks on the US embassy, will determine the future course of action. He, however, said that Egyptian rulers have taken some right decisions as well, but in some they will still have to be watched. The president also said that how Egyptian rulers respond to treaty with Israel will also determine the US’ strategy and policy with the country.
A blasphemous film titled “Innocence of Muslims” enraged Muslims across the globe and on Tuesday night four US embassy officials including the ambassador to Libya were killed in a rocket attack. The incensed protesters in Egypt also burned a flag of the US and attacked the US embassy in Cairo. Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil termed the incident as regrettable and called on the US for strict action against producers of the blasphemous film. We hope Muslims will exercise restraint and avoid resorting to violent acts.
Since Mohammed Morsi became President, the US and its Western allies have been closely observing the regime. The US fears that the new Islamist regime may suspend peace treaty with Israel and may also resort to a conflict with the neighboring country; so it is necessary to keep a close vigil on the Islamist regime. According to media reports, President Barack Obama spoke to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and Libyan President Mohammed Magariaf to inquire about attacks on the US embassies. Following the attacks, the president ordered to enhance security of all the US embassies across the globe to prevent any terrorist attack.
It may be pertinent to mention here that US top officials including the president and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton also condemned the blasphemous film and termed it disgusting. The secretary of state said that the US does not allow blasphemous material that may hurt feelings of people of any faith and religion, but at the same time, the US also does not stop their citizens to express their views on any issue. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin also condemned the attack that killed the US ambassador to Libya, saying the regime should understand their responsibility and take stock of the situation.
The whole world is perturbed over the latest protests against the US and the killing of the US ambassador to Libya, but at the same time it is heartening to know that nobody is willing to allow space to extremists whether they are Muslims or associated with any other religion.

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