Saturday, 24 November 2012


The O-Three Crew was there Live during the Making of the Video of GO DOWN LOW by JUNKIES ALL STARS FEAT KELLY HANDSOME.The making of the video was done by a Well Renowned Video Producer in PORT HARCOURT called D Lecturer.
Junkies All Stars and Kelly Handsome

The Making of the Video was still at the Prepartion stage When Kelly Handsome came on Board and the Crowd at that time started screaming as if we were in a show ,It took some time to overcome that before the Video shot started.

Who says Hard Work doesn't pay?The JUNKIES ALL STARS made a whole surprise of the whole event during thier performances, These Dudes are tight i must confess,Deji and Yenny of the JUNKIES ALL STARS SET THE WHOLE PLACE ON FIRE ALONGSIDE KELLY was a time of quality fun seeing these stars as they did their thing.The Manager of the JUNKIES ALL STARS wazzy Blonte showed the qualities of a professional in the entertainment biz as he was there to support and put necessary modalities in place to make the video shot a worthwhile.

From Right Yenny and Wazzy Blonte(Manager)

D Lecturer taking a shot

Making up Deji
From Left Yenny(J.A.S), Kelly Handsome,Deji(J.A.S)
I can't wait to see this video cos its something EXTRAORDINARY. THUMBS UP TO THE JUNKIES ALL STARS, KELLY HANDSOME,WAZZY BLONTE,D LECTURER and the entire crew for a wonderful video shot.WATCH OUT!!!! GO DOWN LOW VIDEO

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