Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Some Things That Will Almost Certainly Happen in Sports in 2013

Nothing is harder than trying to predict a championship so far in advance that you don't even know who's playing. Which means that nothing is dumber than publishing those advance picks for all to see. Luckily, almost nobody will remember any of these predictions when the time comes to see them all proven horribly wrong.

Also, by necessity, just to keep my sports pundit cred intact, each of these should be read with the implied disclaimer "Assuming everyone stays healthy." That said, every last prediction is a surefire, rock solid cinch to come true.

The Patriots and 49ers will make Super Bowl XLVII a rerun, kind of.

There's no question about the best game so far this NFL season. That would be two weeks ago. The 49ers and Patriots played a Sunday-night thriller in the Boston rain, with San Francisco withstanding a furious New England comeback to win 41-34. Everyone said it looked like a preview of Super Bowl XLVII. Everyone was right. Pick both teams to wind up at the big game in New Orleans. Also figure that game to look a lot like their first meeting. Colin Kaepernick will throw four touchdowns again, with a pair of them going to Michael Crabtree. Tom Brady will throw to anyone with hands, passing for more than 400 yards. In a strange coincidence, the final score will even be exactly the same, 41-34. This time, though, the Pats will be on top and named NFL champs. Again.

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