Thursday, 7 February 2013

An Interview with One of Nigeria Popular Gospel Artist


Me:  Can the People Know Who is Live on the Interview?

Artist:  I am Celestina  Bolaji Adeyeye aka Ararleyi

Me: Can we Know more About You?

Artist:Well, Celestina Bolaji Adeyeye is From Ekiti State, Ado LG.She is from a Family of Five, Four girls and a Kid Bro

Me: We Know you as a Gospel Artist, Why Gospel Music?

Artist: Well, My Dad was a Pastor before he died, I see myself as a role model to others in the society, So I see gospel Artist music as my calling, I also do contemporary music too.   Morealso I grew up in the Church Enviroment

Me: How Long have you been Into Music?

Artisit: I have been singing since I was a Kid, back then the Adult Choir used to Invite me from the Children choir to join them whenever they have an outing, Professionally I started Singing 2010, that was when i did tribute to my dad

Me: So Sorry about your Lost

Artist: Thanks

Me: How has the Response been so Far?

Artist: Well I thank God that the response so far has been Encouraging and Good

Me: Can you tell us a day you would never forget since you started singing Professionally?

Artist: <Laughter in the Air......> All my days in the Music Industry are Memorable, There was this particular  day I was coming from the Market and Children started shouting Araleyi, I was so Shocked, I couldn't even walk straight because I didn't know how they knew i was the One, There are so many days I really can't forget.

Me: Hmm.... That was really a wonderfull Experience

Me: Are you Married?

Artist: I am Single

Me: Is there any Mr Right?

Artist: Well. I would say Mr Right is on his way

Me: So who is your Mentor?

Artist: Well, Firstly I will say God is my Mentor, I will also say Cece Winnas, Sinach, Allyson Obaniyi, Lara George, Asa etc are all my mentors

Me: Tell me ten Nigeria Gospel Artist you love thier music

Artist: Shola Allyson, Yetunde, Lara George, Bunmi, Akinnanu, Frank Edward, Sammie Okposo, Midnight Crew, Benita, Samsung, Sammy P

Me:Where Do You See Yourself in the Music Industry in the Next Five Years?

Artist: Well Five Years is a Long time for me, ARALEYI won't be up to five years,In two years  I will be a Household name, My CDS will be everywhere both home and abroad

Me: I love That

Artist: <Smiles.....>

Me: So how many Albums do you have now?

Artist: Well my Album is not yet Out, Right now I have two singles I am promoting Titled Azonto Gospel and Wasild Ayanfe.All my songs are Very Unique thats why I am called Araleyi because I blend to all Genre of Music,Listen to my Azonto Gospel, you will love it.

Me: Where can can we hear your Music?

Artist: My Fans could downoad my music Just click PLAY,They can also follow me on twitter @bolajice juad

Me: So what advice do you have for upcoming Gospel artist who wants to be like you?

Artist: Well I advise them to be very Prayerful and stay Focused, the sky is going to be their starting point

Me: Final word to all your fans and Nigerians in General

Artist: Well to all my fans I say thank U for the love,my album will be dropping soon,God Bless Araleyi's Fans and God Bless Nigeria

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