Monday, 11 February 2013

David Beckham races to catch Posh's shot at fashion

NOT even a blizzard, let alone the need to train with his new team, could prevent David Beckham from flying to New York to support his wife, Victoria, as she presented her new fashion collection yesterday.

Dressed in a navy cashmere coat, he chatted to Anna Wintour before the show began.

Wintour's presence was far more significant than Beckham's. It wasn't so long ago that the top-flight US editors wouldn't have been seen dead at a Sunday morning show, preferring to wait for the big names on Monday.

But Victoria Beckham is a big name. Whether her pulling power derives from her celebrity or her design talent is a question that gets more irrelevant with every new collection she presents.

This latest was a strong one: cool, focused and confident. Slim-line coats, skinny trousers and tuxedos showed her flair with tailoring, while splashes of colour added a playfulness to the mix. The colour-block coats stirred a vague memory of some first seen at Celine, but Mrs Beckham is certainly not the only designer inspired by Phoebe Philo.


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