Monday, 16 March 2015


O- Three Technology Services is organizing an Empowerment seminar for people who desire to learn and start-up something of their own. The Packages are Listed below as:

1. Learn on how to own your own Online Radio Station.

2. How to build a Mobile App

3. How to build a website and own a blog in less than 30 minutes

4. How to start your own bulk SMS platform

5. All you need to know about Affiliate Marketing

6. How to advertise on internet on more than 1000 sites for free

7. How to get more than 10K followers on twitter in less than a month

8. A business you can start up with no capital and become a boss of your own ( Note: not networking business) powered by O-Three Technology Services

9. Making your Whatsapp and Blackberry App make money for you.

10. How to Optimise your site thereby Increasing the Page Ranking, Backlinks of your Site.

Baking/Juice/Decoration etc:

11. How to Bake and Ice cake

12. How to make Club Sandwish, small chops

13. How to prepare Various types of Chappman

14. How to make Ice Cream, Cookies

14 .How to prepare various types of dishes both local and foreign and many more

Interested Persons in any of these packages should call:
08039253065 to book for a space.

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