Friday, 20 March 2015

Empowerment Seminar

O-Three Technology Services is organizing an Empowerment Seminar in  various Packages. Interested Persons should call 08039253065 or SMS (Name, State, Phone Number) to 07010020338

Package 1:

1.     How to bake and Ice a Cake
2.     How to make Ice Cream and Small Chops
3.     How to prepare 3 major Continental and Local Meal
4.     How to prepare Club Sandwich
5.     How to bake cookies, Meat pie, Sausage Roll etc

Package 2:

1.     How to make Bar Soap
2.     How to make Detergent
3.     How to make lotion cream

Package 3:

1.     How to build a simple website in less than 30minutes
2.     How to startup a Bulk SMS Business
3.     Tricks about Affiliate Marketing and how to promote your sites to increase its page ranking, backlinks etc
4.     How to get more than 10k followers in a month
5.     How to advertise your goods and services online in more than 100 sites online for free

Package 4:

1.     How to build a Personal Online Radio
2.     Learn about Video Streaming
3.     How to create a Blog
4.     The Business in Whatsapp, BBM and Others
5.     How to build a Mobile App

Bonus: Every Participant would have a blog and be thought how to optimize your blog morealso a business you could start with NO CAPITAL.

Hurry Now and Pick a form for this life changing Seminar. 07010020338

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