Tuesday, 28 July 2015

S’South, S’East Back Ekweremadu

Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu, yesterday received the backing of the people of the South South and South East of Nigeria in the face of the current upheavals in the National Assembly, even as he has been urged to remain focused in his new assignment and work for the country.

The support for the federal legislator was contained in a communique issued by the Eastern Region Assembly (TERA), a group representing citizens of the South-South and South-Eastern zones.

The group met in Lagos on Sunday to review the state of the Nigerian nation.

In a statement signed by TERA’s Protem Secretary, Mr. Tony I. Uranta, the group renewed its commitment to a united Nigeria with respect for cultural diversities and impartial application of the rule of law.

The statement reads in parts: "TERA is worried about the ongoing brouhaha in the National Assembly, and observed that as concerned Nigerians, we wonder if there really could be an issue of forgery or any offense whatsoever for any police to investigate regarding the Senate Elections of9th June 2015, and posit, without prejudice to any legal position taken by the FGN, that any purported investigation of Senate Procedures/Proceedings by any Body/Agency other than said Senate could, at best, be seen only as undue political interference in the internal process of the Senate.

"The election of Senator Ike Ekweremadu, a PDP Senator, in a Senate with APC majority, should not raise any legal or constitutional eyebrows, because it is not new, unique or unusual in the politics of Nigeria, for such to happen!

"The law is that Senators will elect among themselves, irrespective of political party, a Senate President and a Deputy Senate President. That applies, also, to Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representative, as well as Speakers and Deputy Speakers of State Assemblies. This has been the law and practice since 1999 when we adopted the Presidential system of Government .

"Following this law and practice, an APP member became Speaker of Cross River House of Assembly in 1999, with a PDP majority of the membership of the House. The PDP produced the Deputy Speaker. READ MORE

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