Friday, 17 July 2015


In an exclusive radio interview with Q93.3FM on July 7, DJ Wild Wayne reminded Lil Wayne of the days when he would make a daily call to the landline at Cash Money Records' offices, hoping to catch the attention of label co-founder Bryan "Baby" Williams by rhyming into the answering machine.

"522-3660, I called it every day," the rapper told the DJ.

Sometime around 1990, Williams had sat down at the kitchen table with his brother Ronald "Slim" Williams and sketched a pen-and-ink dollar sign logo for a record label that had yet to exist. The drawing appeared just as he'd scratched it out on Cash Money's first release, Kilo G's 1991 "The Sleepwalker." A generation of artists -- Pimp Daddy, Ms Tee, Magnolia Shorty, Mr. Ivan, Lil Slim, PxMxWx, U.N.L.V. -- would record with the nascent Cash Money before Lil Wayne first waxed a track for Baby, and before Slim and Baby inked the landmark Universal Music distribution deal that made the label into the global brand it is today, and the brothers into multimillionaires.  Read More

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