Saturday, 25 February 2017


We had an exclusive interview with one of Nigeria's Own duo Artist, Whose music has been gaining massive airplay in various Radio Station. They are no other but Always ........................

Interviewer: Let's meet always?

Always: Always is a musical group, which comprises of two talented artist called Bob J and Iyaz

Interviewer: What are your real names?

Always: Bob J- Anthony Ebhohimen, Iyaz - Ehis Ighodalo

Interviewer: How long have you been in the music Industry?

Always: We have been in the Industry for 13 years now but professionally for 5 years

Interviewer: How has it been with you in the Music Industry?

Always: It has not been easy so far but God has kept us strong and we have been making impact so far

Interviewer: What are your challenges in the Music Industry?

Always: Finance has been a major challenge in the Industry, No support, We pay for every of the services rendered but in all God has been our major supply.

Interviewer: Have you guys dropped and Album yet?

Always: We haven't dropped any but seriously working on our Album which is 85% ready. though we have been dropping singles back to back

Interviewer: what number of tracks would be on your Album?

Always: it would be a 10 tracks album

Interviewer: Your  favorite track on the Album

Always: All of the tracks are our favorite but we would go with Bye-Bye to Poverty and Ele'

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?\

Always: Oboy.........Next five years by Gods grace, We would have been a household which everyone would want to reckon with

Interviewer: Your Role Model in Nigeria and International  Music Industry?

Always: Timaya and Lil Wyane respectively

Interviewer: Apart from music what else are you guys into?

Always: We are 100% into music

Interviewer: Bob J and Iyaz ,Your Favorite Nigeria Celebrith Crush

Always: Chacha Ike and Tiwa Salvage respectively

Interviewers: Last Word to your Fans

Always: We want to say a very big Thank you to all our fans both in Nigeria and outside the country. We love you and please keep supporting us. Love you all. Thanks

To Listen to Ele Track,  Click  DOWNLOAD

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