Monday, 3 September 2012

Jay-Z’s Made In America Rumors!

Beanie Sigel Officially Lost!
Damnit! I had this all written in stone. You KNOW THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!! Beanie and Jay-Z were supposed to kill their long-running beef on this day at Made In America. But, it was not to be. Beanie Sigel sits somewhere in jail. Damnit! Jay-Z had a whole set devoted to Philly and they said Beans name and all that. He was definitely supposed to be there. No, he is in jail and nobody bailed him out if he was able to be bailed out.
It was just brought to my attention, Beanie was arrested on the way to jail on the tax charges. He couldn’t have gotten bailed out. SMH. At least Freeway got up there and showed there were no hard feelings when Freeway got on the stage at the press conference back in May. LOL!

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