Monday, 3 September 2012

Mali Islamists claim to have executed Algerian diplomat

Al-Jazeera TV said that, an Islamist militant group splintered off from Al Qaida, called Mujao, occupying northern Mali has killed one of the Algerian diplomats, who was kidnapped five months ago.

According to the AP, the execution of the Algerian vice-consul Tahar Touati, came after the expiry of the deadline set to the Algerian government, according to a statement was signed by its leader Walid Abou El El Sahraoui.

The Mauritanian Sahara Media site stated that Mujao executed Vice-Consul of Algeria in Gao Saturday ,1st September, after more than five months in detention.

Algeria from its side did not confirm or deny the news, but a security source said that the Algerian government is working to end this crisis with the Islamic group, and gave no further details.

Touti was among seven diplomats kidnapped in April, after the Algerian consulate in Gao, northern Mali, was attacked by militant groups, some of which are accused of having links to al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and Ansar Dine.

Mujao announced Tuesday (August 28) it had extended for 48 hours the ultimatum to the Algerian authorities to meet their demands. The kidnappers threatened to execute the four hostages.

Mujao demanded the release of al Qaida members, including the legal chief of the group arrested last month in Ghardaia, south of Algiers and a sum of 15 million euros in return for freeing the Algerians.

Earlier, Mujao released a video on August 26, showed Touati pleading with the government to save his life.

"I ask Algerian authorities to find a solution to save my life," he said in Arabic, reading from a text.

A spokesman for Mujao in Gao, Aliou Mahamar Toure threatened Algiers with new attacks and calls on Algerians to avoid approaching government buildings. The Mujao had already claimed two attacks against security forces in Tamanrasset and Ouargla.

Until this moment, the news of the execution hasn't been confirmed by any website related to Al Qaeda or the group Mujao. Moreover, no proof, such as the mentioned video, has been published either.

It is worth mentioning that after the military coup, the country has split in two: in the south, the military-led government in Bamako, the capital. In the north, the Tuareg rebels have been pushed out by Islamic extremists with ties to Al Qaida.

In related news, Mujao seized control of Douentza in central Mali on Saturday, after brief clashes with volunteer units, AFP reported.


Two security problems are facing Mali: the first problem is organizing "Al Qaida of the Islamic Maghreb" which is active in the areas of southern Algeria and Morocco. The second problem is the Tuareg rebellion called "Movement for the Liberation of Ozoad" who seeked to obtain their independence north of the country about a year ago.

For Algeria in particular, it is considered the No.1 enemy for al-Qaida, whereas the Algerian government killed and imprisoned a large number of al-Qaida members. The execution of this diplomat came as a revenge from the Algerian government who rejects the group demands, including financial ransom.

Colonel Muammar Qaddafi was a financial backer for the Tuareg, they also participated in defending him.

I think that the fall of Gaddafi has many consequences, a little of them have been known to us till now.

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